Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

- Can The Beaded Dress create a custom material for me?
       Yes, we can create custom material based on your design and specifications. Minimum order amount for custom designs is 5 yards and takes 6 to 8 weeks to create.  This lead time includes drafting the sketch and approving the sample before creating your beautiful fabric. 

Can The Beaded Dress create custom appliques based on my design?
      Yes, we can create custom appliques based on your design and specifications.  It takes 8 – 10 weeks to create and ship.
**If you are a bride or a designer wanting a custom applique we suggest modifying one of our available appliques to meet the style you are looking for.  This will help save you time and significantly reduce your cost.  All of our appliques can be modified to a certain extent.  This includes adding or removing beading, adjusting the neckline from a plunge to a straight across or event a sweetheart, high neck, etc.  Please contact our design team for specific custom modifications and ideas by emailing info@thebeadeddress.com.

Can I modify the design of an applique?
       Yes, all appliques can be modified to fit your design.  We can change the neckline, add beading or rhinestones, and shorten or lengthen the total length of the applique.

​- Can appliques be made into full length dress panels?
       Yes, all of the appliques can be made into full length panels measuring approximately 57 inches wide (side to side) by up to 65 inches long (top to bottom).

Do the fabrics and appliques stretch?
      Yes, all fabrics and appliques have a nice 4-way stretch making them ideal for form fitting dresses and bodice pieces. The base material is a quality industrial tulle that is sturdy, light and elegant. 

- Are the fabrics and appliques made using Swarovski crystals?
      No, we do not use Swarovski crystals.  We use high quality rhinestone that have an incredible shine and longevity. Using Swarovski crystals would significantly increase the cost and is unnecessary, so we have decided to use quality rhinestones that offer the same shine and glamor without the price of Swarovski.

- Are the rhinestones and embellishments sewn or glued onto the tulle?
All of the rhinestones embellished fabrics are sewn onto the tulle creating a very durable yet glamorous material or applique.

*Exclusion to this: the pearl beaded veils are fastened to the tulle using an industrial fabric glue with the pearly like embellishment on the front side and a metal backing securing the embellishment on the backside of the tulle.

Can I use this material to create a veil?
      Yes, any of our fabrics can be used to create a stunning, high quality veil.  The rhinestone embellished pieces are heavier so we suggest using these for cape veils that will be securely attach.  You may also use these fabrics to create a shorter head veil to eliminate the risk of the veil pulling while you walk.

For church and cathedral length veils we suggest using a lighter stone such as éclat stones, sequins and beading.  All of our designs can be modified to create a lighter fabric for a longer veil. Contact our design team at info@thebeadeddress.com to discuss custom options.

Does The Beaded Dress create custom veils?
      Yes, cathedral and church length veils can be created using rhinestones, sequins or beading. We do not specialize in finished veils, but are happy to provide the embellished material.  If requested and agreed upon we can create a finished veil. 

- Does The Beaded Dress create couture dresses?
      Yes, we create couture dresses based on your style and beautiful shape. You may email design@thebeadeddress.com to include any inspirational pictures you have found, and we will help you design and create your dream dress.

How long does it take to receive my materials?
      Each listing will tell you if the material is in stock and ready to ship or is made to order.  All in stock items ship within 1 business day and arrive within 2 - 3 business days (in the U.S and Puerto Rico) or 6 - 7 business days (International - Outside of the U.S.).

Custom fabric takes 8-10 weeks and requires a minimum of 5 yards.  This includes a sample of the fabric created for customer approval before beginning the full order.